History of the
Rochester Ski Club

Ski Club Sign

Tim Golan reports that  the original Rochester Ski Club was located somewhere off Hoffman Road. He doesn't recall if it was on Huntington Hills or adjacent land.  They had a tow rope. He thinks the tow rope was moved sometime in the late 1950's to 343 Center Entrance.

Tim also mentions that the club operated on Thursday evenings and on some weekends.  The hill was lit for night skiing.

At some point the club was dissolved and the tow was moved to the Tuthill property.  It was used very little after that.

Today, the Rochester Ski Club is very much alive and active (if their calendar of events is any indication). 

According to the club's history, Dr. Roland Stevens organized the first ski club.  It wasn't until the club's second year that the group moved to the Huntington Hills area.  The founding members cleared a slope and installed a tow rope that was powered by a Ford engine.  Night time skiing was provided by lights from gasoline lanterns.

Within a few years of moving into Huntington Hills, Adam & Gina Stein found the site of the old tow rope. An old sign was discovered as well.  Also found are probably the remains of the Ford used to power the rope.

Location of the tow rope  Location of the tow rope

All that's left is the pulley and the frame of the box it must have been in.

Pulley used by the tow rope Pulley used by the tow rope

Remains of the Ford used to power the tow rope Remains of the Ford used to power the tow rope

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