Huntington Hills, Incorporated, is a residential tract of land and the home of 65 families.  This wooded area of about 200 acres, is bounded on the north by Durand-Eastman Park and on the east by Wisner Road.  It is located in the town of Irondequoit in Monroe County, New York. 

The Restrictive Covenant Agreement for Huntington Hills is:

  1. No building lot can be subdivided.
  2. The plans for new homes to be built on building lots should be approved by the architectural review board of Huntington Hills.
  3. Each building lot by shared ownership has access to the common lands, but do not have individual rights.

(Also see Huntington Hills, Inc. By-Laws)

Huntington Hills is one of the best, and last, remaining wooded areas in the County.  Its natural beauty, seclusion and protection from encroachment, with easy access to the City of Rochester, make Huntington Hills a very desirable place to live.  Upon first visit, one is amazed at the dense woods, deep ravines and beautiful streams.  The area is home to a diverse population of plants and animals.  Among them are American chestnut trees, cherry trees, pine trees, maple trees, oak trees, woodpeckers, nuthatches, wild turkeys, fox, deer and many others.  With the continued interest of Huntington Hills’ members, the natural beauty of the area will be preserved for each others enjoyment as well as for future members.