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Online Documents

  Spring Valley Project

The goal of this project is to control the flooding that happens during heavy rains in the areas of Spring Valley Drive, Conifer Lane and Hoffman Road.

The October 3rd proposal is for the complete Spring Valley Flood Control Project. The January 11th proposal is a detailed proposal to elevate Hoffman Road and Conifer Lane and to add additional culverts under both roads.

LaBella Associates are now in the process of obtaining the permits required so the town can begin the work on schedule. Marty Piecuch , Irondequoit Commissioner of Public Works has commented, “If all goes well with the approval process, we can expect this work to be completed this summer”.


Online Maps

Durand East Park

Old map of Durand Eastman Park which includes Huntington Hills. Courtesy of John and Lisa Fields.

Huntington Hills subdivision

Original map of the Huntington Hills subdivision as filed February 28, 1922. Courtesy of John and Lisa Fields.

Survey map by Walter P. Lisowski Surveyors dated January 10, 2007.

Map of the Huntington Hills subdivision (showing lots 17-22). This is taken from the 1959 Plat Book (by G.M. Hopkins Co.) covering the towns of Irondequoit and Brighton. Online is the first page from that book and the Irondequoit map that covers the Huntington Hills subdivision.

While not an endorsement, Historic Map Works has the 1924 maps for Irondequoit (by G.M. Hopkins Co.) for sale online. The Huntington Hills subdivision is on plate 004.

Commons Acreage

Document which shows maps of the Commons as well as the size (in acres) for each. The total size for all Commons areas is 53.31 acres.

Tax Maps

Town of Irondequoit EPOD Maps

Clicking on EPOD will show zoning information that should answer most questions regarding EPOD restrictions. Residents should be aware of these restrictions in our community and when to approach the town with variance requests if needed.

Maps are available in PDF and JPEG formats. The JPEG format loads quicker, but the PDF format has more flexibility for scrolling and zooming.